UIStackView magic

When Apple realized a LinearLayout could be useful for developers...

Getting fancy with UIView anchors and state changes

If you prefer coded user-interfaces rather than designers (Xcode Interface Builder or Xamarin designers) you will surely like this API (available from iOS9+). It´s very readable, easy to maintain and feels more natural compared to the old one.

A simple page-indicator for your android view-pager

A bit of xml and C#. No 3rd party libs required

Large file downloads on Windows 10 mobile

Download safely in the background with progress feedback

UWP mobile side loading

Installing universal Windows apps outside of the store is a bit different than iOS or Android. HockeyApp documentation explains how to do it but they are missing some important (and perhaps frustrating) details that I will explain below.

SQLite.NET > async VS sync

Or how we (developers) love to complicate our code base

Making iOS forms usable

Prevent user frustration by implementing good practices with Xamarin.iOS

Easy and cross-platform localization (Xamarin & .NET)

Share locales from a PCL. Get up and running in no time